The easiest method to Install the HP printer is to use the installation kit CD included in the original device box. Then insert it into the appropriate reader on your PC, and after a few seconds, respond positively to the on-screen auto-start request.

How do I Install My HP printer

  • When done, click the Next button. In the new window that opens on the desktop.
  • Click the Next button (in advance, if you do not want to install the programs recommended by HP. Click the Customize Software Selections button and uncheck the software you do not want to install).
  • Put the checkmark next to the box I checked and accept the installation conditions and configurations and click the Next button again.
  • Begin installing the necessary drivers to properly operate the printer.
  • At the end, select the type of connection required by the device in use (without cables, USB / Ethernet to Connect below).
  • Put the check box in the most appropriate box.
  • Click the Next button, and carefully follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation procedure.
  • Connect the printer to your PC if you are using a USB connection or to disconnect from your Wi-Fi network temporarily. If you need to set up a wireless printer.

A message related to the printer configuration will be displayed: If you want, add the checkmark next to the box. Print a test page (to make sure the printer is working) and press the Finish button to complete the device installation and turn printer offline to online.

Steps to Install Hp Printer without CD

If you do not have the CD for hp printer installation, you can obtain the required drivers directly from the HP support site. Therefore, connected to this web page. Enter the name of your printer (for example, HP DeskJet 3830) in the dedicated box. Press the Enter button next to the last one.

Once on the next page, select Windows or Mac, or Linux from the operative System drop-down menu and its exact version (e.g. Windows 10 (64-bit)) from the version drop-down menu. Click the Change button and wait for the most appropriate software load right below. At this point, identify the complete software and driver’s voice for (printer name) from the suggested list. Click the download button in your correspondence. Wait for the download to complete and run the downloaded file, then follow the instructions  provided above.

Install the HP printer on Mac OS

Do you have a Mac and not a computer with Windows? Don’t worry, the printer setup procedure in macOS is very simple and it is very unlikely that you will need to use an installation CD or that you will need to manually download drivers from the web to continue.

Apple’s operating system, in fact, is able to install and configure many printers completely automatically and with very little difficulty.

However, before proceeding, must note that in order to properly identify the printer. It must be connected to a Mac via USB or if it is a Wi-Fi / Ethernet printer. It must previously be connected to the same network (and therefore, both a router) to which the PC is connected.

Accordingly, connect to the network using an LCD board connected to a printer or, if absent, using a functional WPS router. If you have Apple AirPort devices you can connect the printer to them through Ethernet / USB ports connected to the devices.

In any case, after the printer is turned on and connected to the PC or the Internet in the way that suits you best, proceed as follows. Click on the System Preferences icon Click on the icon in row printers and scanners, and then the (+) button is located at the bottom of the board.

After a few seconds, macOS will show you all the printers that are on the network or connected directly to the PC. Select the one that interests you, click on the appropriate icon, click the add button, and if necessary. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation by downloading the additional software.

How do I manually Install Hp Printer on Mac

If this procedure is unsuccessful, I recommend that you continue to manually add the printer. However, before proceeding. Make sure you have information on how to make and model from the printer an IP address (or the IP address of the server to which it is connected). The print protocol (AirPrint, HP JetDirect, LPD, or IPP).

Additionally, continue with the manually driven printer driver installation: Download them as explained in the Windows section (inserting a field in the System OS Mac operative field and the versio

of the macOS version you have in the field). Download the most appropriate driver file (e.g. Start HP Easy). Start it and continue the installation by following the on-screen instructions.

Once the necessary information has been gathered. Go to the Mac System Preferences section using the icon attached to the station. Click on the Printers and Scanners icon.

At this point, complete the name and title fields with the required information. Select the Select Software item … From the Use drop-down menu. Select the most appropriate drivers for your printer from the suggested panel to help you. Iif necessary, in the search field and finally click the buttons.

Start adding the HP Printer Model, click on the IP icon located at the top of the panel.Type the IP address field of the printer or server to which it is connected. Select Print Protocol from the appropriate drop-down menu, As I explained earlier. When the installation is complete, click the Add button to finish installing the printer.